The Triumph of money over ideas (The June 2014 Primary Election Aftermath)

The Triumph of money over ideas (The June 2014 Primary Election Aftermath): 

If the recent CA Primary Election proves anything, it proves that money too oft trumps even the best of ideas!  Even GOP voters, too many of them, when they see dollar signs behind a certain candidate, act too oft like DUMP SHEEP, voting for the candidate with the most Establishment backing, regardless of where he/she stands on issues!  I'm thinking, right now, of the result of the race between Neel Kashkari & Tim Donnelly, as well as the Shasta County Dist. 5 outcome, not to mention what happened in Del Norte County, on the State of Jefferson question.


The election results were nothing short of disgusting!!  The turnout, in Shasta County?  Barely above 20%!  The result?

Les Baugh, so far, has >50% of the vote.  If that holds, there will be no runoff (for Dist. 5) in Ноябрь 2014 (Nov. 2014).  But what's, by far, worse than that?

Neel Kashkari has the #2 spot in the CA Gov. race!  Wall St., & other GOP Establishment money, has won out over grass roots ideas!  May God DAMN the GOP Establishment!!!  The GOP Establishment is the enemy of all that patriotic Americans hold deer!  And it's about time that more people start realising this!  The GOP Establishment may even pose a greater threat to American liberty than the Taliban ever could!!!  The GOP Establishment works hand in hand with the Democratic Party, just as Hitler's Nazis worked hand in hand with Mussolini's Fascists, until it was the other way around, & that until the end of Великая Отечественная Война (World War 2).  Republican Primary voters have too often proven themselves to be a rather stupid lot, historically.  And this latest Primary is no exception!

May God DAMN the GOP Establishment!!!

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Comment by Товарищ on June 7, 2014 at 2:24pm

The money is not nearly as much the issue as the historic ideocy of Republican Primary voters.  They look at the bastard with the dollar signs & follow him/her with no thought whatsoever as to who the candidate is, where he/she stands on this or that, what he/she has done or siad, etc., etc.  They drink the Establishment's tainted Kool Aid, primary election after primary election. 

I'm tempted to, at this point, ask which of the following two has the LOWER IQ level; the typical Republican primary voter, or a ten penny nail. 

What too many Republican Primary voters too oft fail to properly realise is that the Establishment IS NOT THEIR FRIEND!!  The GOP Establishment is their enemy, as it is ours!  Martin Niemöller had something very applicable to say in his "First they came for..." poem.  And the Republican Primary voters would do well to read & consider.  Now, maybe that's asking too much of a population of those who may not know enough to get in out of the rain by themselves. 

In any case, a massive re-education campaign will be needed to be conducted.  But that's not all that is needed. 

There is also needed to be, in those who I've been (very highly justifiably) railing against, a will to actually get their heads out of their (explitive deleted)s, & actually start to pay attention to things. 

I know of somebody who, not too many months ago, got an e-mail from somebody asking about something that was already a done deal, asking about it as if it had just been proffered for the first time.  Now, the sender of the e-mail was not caught unawares, for she was recipient of e-mails at different times speaking of the controversy, back when the issue was still pending.  His reply to her e-mail was something to the effect of "Where have you been back when the issue was still in doubt?"  To this, her response was "Guilty as charged.  I was enjoying retirement."  There are people out there who quite simply do not want to be bothered by anything political.  They much prefer to play with thier petunias or fixate on their flower pots, & just simply carve out a nice little cocoon for themselves where they can watch "Price is Right" by day, & "Dancing With The Stars" by night, all the while ignoring the dangers building up all around them until it becomes entirely too late to do much of anything about it!!  This tendancy is not unique to any particular age-group, BTW. 

Too many people listen to the "Stress Relief gurus" who tell them to avoid, at all costs, anything political, as it may induce stress, conflict, & controversy.  Years ago, a christaian pop-psych radio show host by the name of Dr. Randy Carlson oft used the phrase "Would you rather be right or be related?" when giving relationship advice to those with particularly irksome relatives (usually in-laws).  Of course, "would you rather be right or be related" degenerates EXTREMELY quickly into too much people pleasing, giving assent to outright lies, especially about this person or that, if that be necessary to maintain a particular relationship.  "Would you rather be right or be related" is a phrase often kept in mind when too many consider whether or not to give in to peer pressure to do that which they know indubitably to be wrong.  Whatever happened to any notions of transcendant truth?  They be not compatible at all with "Would you rather be right or be related". 

"Would you rather be right or be related?" is a call to cowardice!!  Plain & simple! 

Rev. 21:8 (KVJ)___But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Note that the word translated for the KJV, in Rev. 21:8, as "fearful", is, in some other translations, translated "cowardly".  Just a thought for the "Would you rather be right or be related?" crowd. 

Now when someone's house is on fire, would you expect them to respond to it by saying something to the effect of "Well, I don't want to get involved in the quenching of it.  After all, my flowers are in bloom.  And besides, it simply cuases too much stress & brings about too much conflict with those I socialise with for me to actually lift a finger to put out the fire.  So I think I'll just sit back & do some relaxation exercises & meditate on the words of my favorite stress relief guru or pop-psych personality.  Because after all, does not feigned sleep bring about the avoidance of danger?"  Would you expect such a response as that from anyone with even half a brain?  Of course not!  Yet that is too often the response given to what happens.  And it is profoundly selfish of them!!  They are part of the problem. 


Comment by Hawperz on June 7, 2014 at 6:54am

I don't know how we can do it but it's time to take some of the money out of campaigns.  To often the guy with the most money wins.  When such candidates win do they care about the voters or those who made donations?

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