Preparing Grill Chicken on Gas Grill: Necessary Steps and Temp

An entire chicken cooked in the oven is a great preparation; can make a very nice figure at family meals, or when you have dinner at the table. It is a preparation that should be included in the repertoire of every kitchen enthusiast. One advantage is that what’s left over from day to day can be used to make other delicious meals. Even its case, even if it is cooked, can be preserved to prepare funds.

Preparing the chicken

When choosing the cooking pot, the chicken should fit comfortably into it. Ideally it would be that the base of the vessel is thick and heavy to store and transmit warmth uniformly and consistently.
The baby dries well by paper toweling, especially if it has been defrosted or washed. A wet bird will be steamed instead of roasting.
The next step is to squeeze the bird a soft butter at room temperature. Butter can be simple, or seasoned with salt, spices, garlic, and herbs. This is done using your fingers and insisting on your chest and thighs. The fat part will quickly color and become brown. If you are in a time of crisis, the chicken can be split and flattened. This will reduce cooking time by about 15 minutes.
The next step is to sow the bird with salt and pepper both inside and out (or on both sides if flattened). Inside, various flavors, such as thyme, lemon, garlic, can be introduced.
The chicken is placed in the bowl, with the chest up. There is no need for the pot to be spoiled, as the chicken will leave enough fat as it cooks.

Baking the chicken on the gas grill – What temp to grill chicken on gas grill

The gas grill is heated to 205 � C. Place the pot in the center of the oven and cook for about 30 minutes. It is then controlled if it is uniformly colored. If a part of the chicken appears to be browned, turn the dish and continue cooking. Be careful to be fast as the oven door is opened as soon as possible so the temperature does not drop.
If the chicken is sprinkled with the fat in the bowl, it is better to remove the dish and perform the operation out, closing the oven as quickly as possible. Moisten the chicken with the fat left in the bowl using a spoon or a special pump, then quickly insert it into the oven.
Heat the chicken for another 15-30 minutes, then check if it is done. A thermometer mounted on the thickest part of the pulp should show 74 � C. If it does not reach this temperature and the flowing juice is a little pink, it means that the chicken is not made and must be cooked for a few more minutes.
A 2 kg chicken needs about 60 minutes to be roasted properly.

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