Fish is one of the most delicious and healthiest dishes that anyone can prepare by themselves. However, it has a reputation for being challenging to make. Salmon steak can be naturally grilled using both gas andcharcoal. The trick behind good results while grilling is to ensure that the timing is right. This will cook the salmon until it is tender. For most of us who love fish, it may feel apprehensive to put it on the grill. Don’t worry; in this text, we’re going to give you tips to make you feel confident and fully equipped to grill salmon.

Choosing Fresh Salmon:

· When shopping for salmon ensure that you get moist clean cut steak or fillets. Always get odorless ones.

· Grill salmon immediately you buy it. Alternatively, you can preserve it in the coolest part of your refrigerator for not more than two days.

· In case it has not been frozen before, you can freeze it for 3 months, but if it has been frozen thaw it for a day or two.

Preparing Salmon For Grilling:

· First rinse your salmon and pat it with paper towels

· Use dry rubs or apply on it sprinkle spices such as thyme or basil which work well with salmon. You can also choose to marinate it with your favorite sauce.Note that salmon picks up the flavors the seasons quickly, therefore even 15-20 minutes are sufficient to add flavor to the salmon in the marinade.


Now that the prepped fish is ready, it’s time to fire it up. These are the steps to follow while grilling it:

· Place the salmon pieces on the well-greased grill to ensure they are intact throughout the process. Slit a few fillets in the foil for juices to run off from. You can also decide to grill the fillets on a grill rack

· To grill your fillets on charcoal, place them directly over the medium coals grill the fillets for up to 6 minutes per half an inch thickness until they start to flake when you test them with a fork. Halfway through the grilling process turn the fish. Preferably rub it with olive oil after turning it over to add flavor

· After preheating, you can reduce the heat to medium. Ensure that you place it over the grill rack for heating. Cover it and grill it directed over the charcoal grill.

· When checking for doneness, use a fork and check test the thickest section of the salmon. When it is ready, grilled salmon is opaque and moist, and pulls away easily.

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