How to do step 4 for backyard grill gas and charcoal grill

In the modern grilling world, some people who prefer to grill with propane while others prefer grilling with charcoal. However, research show that only charcoal can impart foods with a perfect char and a smoky deep quality, while propane amateurs go for the clean and pure flavor of meats alongside its convenience they get while grilling with gas. Both parties are right.

Thanks to the modern technology we have the best combinations of charcoal and gas grills across the globe. These powerful dual gas/charcoal grills come with enough space for approximately burgers (the charcoal side is equipped with an adjustable system that helps control the heat; while the gas side contains 3 stainless steel burners with a convenient integrated ignition.

Below are steps on how to do step 4 for backyard grill gas and charcoal grill

  •  Assemble the bottom hinges with the slide burner body using bolt m6
  •  Align and place body on top of legs using bolt m16*
  •  Attach the triangular bracket (19) left (18) right to the back of the body
  •  Secure front of body to legs using m6*12 (bb) – 2 pcs with m6 spacer (JJ) – 2 pcs.
  •  Attach the accessory holder (17) to the body using bolt m16*12
  •  Screw in bolt m6*12 2 pcs halfway on the rubber corners of the side burner
  •  Slide in the two screws in the opening to hold it in position.
  •  Use m6*12 (bb) 4 pcs to burner and tighten all screws
  •  Mount the knob base to front of side burner body using bolt m4*8(HH) 2 pcs
  •  Push knob (36) into burner controller
  •  Assemble the side burner by sliding it to the top center
  •  Secure burner to body using bolt m4*8 (HH) 2pcs
  •  Affix the terminal to gas controller
  •  Assemble back panel to back side of gas side using bolt m6*12 (bb) 3pcs
  •  Assemble lid hinges (8) 2pcs charcoal lid (4) using m6*40 (cc) 4pcs and nut m6 flange lock (EE) 4pcs
  •  Attach the charcoal stack (2) 1 pc on the charcoal lid using the pre-installed screw that comes with the handle
  •  Remove the screw from lid handle then lace the lid base
  •  Assemble lid hinges (8) 2pcs on the gas lid (3) using m6*40 (CC) 4 pcs and nut m6 flange lock (EE) 4 pcs
  •  Assemble firebox handles and body using bolt m6*25
  •  Screw in bolt m6*12 (BB) 2 pcs hallway on the firebox.

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