A little revolution is in the air: 88% tired of big government’s restrictions

88% tired of big government’s restrictions

Al Maurer
Communities Digital News

March 14, 2014


Mel Gibson - The Patriot
Mel Gibson - The Patriot

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2014 – Last week at CPAC, Texas Gov. Rick Perry energized the crowd by opening his speech by saying that what we need is a little revolution.

It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas. – Gov. Rick Perry

Although it is unlikely that everyone in the country heard that speech, Americans are fed up with big government overreach and are beginning to foment a little rebellion on their own.

The Founders feared “tyranny of the majority”—the kind of thing we’re seeing from radical Democrat legislators in Denver today and in Washington D.C. before the 2010 election. But what this country as a whole is experiencing is a tyranny of the minority. A minority of perhaps 12% of the population have captured the commanding heights of the government, the press, and academia and are asserting their will on the majority.

The other 88% of Americans don’t like that very much.



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Imagine 88% noncompliance. The government cant possibly arrest them all.

I say 'imagine' because the vast majority of people that say they are tired of big government restrictions aren't so dissatisfied as to risk confrontation, let alone go to jail for disregarding government intrusion and theft in our lives.  Each of them is waiting for someone else to make things change or the advent of reforms that miraculously appear without investment of time or any risk.

just to point out some non compliance   for you

Would you agree that burning papers is largely a symbolic gesture and that in spite of this gesture, gun owners are likely looking for ways to comply with the law (as indicated in the video)? In my opinion, all it will take to obtain widespread compliance is for one high profile raid on the ringleaders of the protest to make them the example.

Either side of this issue can draw a line in the sand, it is having the wherewithal and willingness to defend it that makes the line matter. While the people outnumber the police, the police have a monopoly of force and the endorsement of the government and your neighbors to use it.

while i agree  it is a Gesture   and the people are looking for a peaceful way to address the   theft of their rights,   either your going to buckle and comply or your not ,  the fact is while the government  does have the power to destroy  1 or 2 or a few more at a time , the more criminal the more abusive the government becomes the more wide spread the non compliance  becomes no matter what the subject at hand is . the more the people vote with their wallets

Virginia Gun Sales Set New Record High In 2013, With 480,000 Transactions Statewide


2013 Guns Sales Set New Record http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/01/07/2013-saw-recor...

you know as well as i do that each yr for the last 7 has been record yrs, 

the sad fact is the people are arming themselves in mass because in the end many see the truth,  as  discussed by the other 2 videos 




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