Controlling Temperature Zones in Your Outdoor Gas Grill.

Today, the best outdoor gas grills have a cover or lid. You can leave the cover up while grilling or you can leave the cover down. When the cover is down, you turned your outdoor gas grill into an outdoor oven – you’re using indirect heat to cook your food in a 360-degree grid pattern. The only difference is that your indoor oven does a much better job of maintaining even heat than your outdoor grill. So how do you gain control over the temperature in your gas grill?

How to control the temperature in the gas grill.

Creating delicious foods like steak requires precise temperature control because the compounds in the food react differently at different temperatures. Meat is composed of fats, water, protein and some sugars, this component change at a different temperature.

This set up provides an excellent way of running a sear grill on one side and a finish grill on the other. The most common mistake made in grilling food is to cook steak over direct heat until it is considered done. This produces a charred, tight piece of meat. All the juices have dried up from the direct heat. When using an internal grill thermometer, the indirect heat side should produce a temperature between 200 and 225 degrees. This will slowly finish your meat without drying out the flavorful juices we all looking for.

How to avoid ruined steak meat.

To have quality steak sear both sides of your meat place on the direct heat side of the grill. The indirect, heat will cook steak for perfect thus retaining the can produce that ideal steak over and over again.

For the best chicken steak you ever ate, do the opposite. Cook the chicken over indirect heat until it’s almost done. Then transfer it to the direct heat and watch as the fat under the skin renders into the chicken and the skin crisps up to golden perfection. You’ll have your family begging for more!

How to roasts beef and pork.

All beef and pork roasts should be cooked over indirect heat to prevent loss of moisture and¬†flavour.¬†If you like the outside crisp, place the roast over the right weather for the last 10-15 minutes. You’ll have a roast that will have everyone begging for more.

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